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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


There are both good and bad wounds. To remove a tumor a surgeon must first incise his patient to reach the foreign tissue. He wounds in order to heal. On the other hand the careless use of knives creates injuries that are harmful and unnecessary. Similarly, our communications with others are like sharp scalpels that have the capacity to heal or harm based on our intent and skill in delivery. The words, gestures and actions of authority figures are particularly powerful, which is why management responsibilities should only be given to those who understand and properly use wholesome human incentives. Whatever happens at work, people take home—like pollen on a bee, employees will transmit either healing or harm to their families. Over time, skilled professional managers will deliberately wound their staff, providing direct feedback and speaking the truth in love, to help them gain awareness and grow as professionals. It’s healing. However, any display of negative emotions including anger, frustration or intimidation will actually harm others, requiring them to muster emotional strength to counter its affects. Coaching questions: Do your words, gestures and actions produce healing or harm in others? How can you be more intentional to ensure healing?

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