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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Changing one’s mind can be a sign of indecision, but this process is also the foundation for human change. Converting firm hardships into challenging opportunities helps our staff to “see it differently” and produces different behaviors in them. If we perceive our job as merely telling our employees what to do and then expect them to take initiative, we take them for granted and fail to provide internal motivation created by inspiration. We undermine our own success. When we choose to be inspirational leaders, our workers become conscripted volunteers in a march against mediocrity, willing to go the extra mile. Only then can we hope to be a high performing team. In the absence of inspiration our staff will be deprived of emotional energy, the fuel of the human soul. If you were preparing for your first jump as a fledgling skydiver, what would you want the door man to say to you as you take that final step? Our words matter. And, our staff’s level of emotional energy is directly tied to the amount of inspiration we provide for them. Coaching questions: What grade would you give yourself as an inspirational leader? What steps can you take to improve?

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