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Thursday, March 21, 2019


The stronger and deeper we build relationships, the more able we become to achieve great works. To create such bonds requires empathy—the ability to vicariously experience the thoughts and feelings of others, using that information to prime our questioning and conversational exchange with others. Add compassion to empathy and intimacy results, whether in romantic or mentoring relationships. The way we build empathy is by choosing to be curious and allowing curiosity to become our framework for learning. Curiosity is the state of mind where no judgment exists but contains intrigue, experimentation and the absence of fear. The age-old anecdote states that “curiosity killed the cat,” however, this characteristic is why we have affection for kittens. Curiosity is both amusing and life-giving when we see it in others, yet there is one more saving quality about curiosity—it’s the antidote for being judgmental. When we make judgments about others or circumstances, we rule out all other possibilities. Curiosity is what aids us to suspend judgment, consider possibilities, and arrive at a more reasonable conclusion. Curiosity makes a person pleasant and more trustworthy. Coaching questions: Do you allow curiosity to guide you? What steps can you take to be more curious?

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