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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


At work we all like to be seen as the knowledge expert and a key contributor, which is an important motivation as we grow in our own vocational skill. But, once we arrive at the executive ranks, we need to think about and plan for our eventual exit to address corporate sustainability needs. True professionals have the insight to see that business continuity is much more essential to corporate health than being the daily genius-at-work and command-and-control leader. Its relevance is tantamount to preparing a will that guides a family when one is incapacitated or reposed. Attention to succession issues affirms an abundance mindset but more importantly demonstrates a commitment to fiduciary responsibilities. The primary job of a leader is to work his way out of a job. Professional behavior dictates that we groom others and offer them opportunities to learn and excel. At the height of his career Jack Welch said, “From now on, choosing my successor is the most important decision I’ll make. It occupies a considerable amount of thought almost every day,” and this, many years before his departure. Coaching questions: Have you adequately prepared for your succession? How can you effectively replicate yourself in others?

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