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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Team Performance

In the process of doing business, we need people to perform their jobs in skillful ways and within specific timeframes. At the same time many of the deadlines we face, combined with increasing workload, puts timely execution at risk due to human limitations. Amateur manager types ignore these tensions by simply saying “yes” to more work and then by making more demands of his people without respect to human resource needs. We all face times of stress and pressure, yet a lack of proper planning and knowledge of human limits will create morale issues and undermine execution. To develop high performing teams, as professional managers, we must build trust and earn the respect of our workforce by carefully balancing human effort and corporate initiatives. When stretch assignments surface, we have the opportunity to either inspire or coerce our staff to go the extra mile. Inspiration uses encouragement as a foundation, while coercion uses shame as a motivator. When inspired and supported by their leaders, people have the ability to achieve surprising results. Coaching questions: How do you balance corporate needs with available staff resources? What steps can you take to build trust and respect with your team, and inspire performance?

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