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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Management Principle: Control

Control. Leaders are expected to take and have control—but what does that look like? No-one really likes to be told what to do, but providing direction is necessary. In reality, there are two sides of control; the good and healthy side, influence, and, the dark and inhumane side, manipulation. Manipulation is getting others to do something at their expense, for our own personal benefit. Influence, on the other hand, is getting others to do something they are not ordinarily inclined to do, but it’s in their best interest and in the interest of the firm. Therefore, in leadership, we are to influence others, making it about them, rather than manipulating, which is making it about us (see the last two week’s terms,composure and questioning). The worst of all scenarios is when we are attempting to influence others, but it’s interpreted by them as manipulation. Their resistant reactions are to be expected—we would do the exact same thing if we felt we were being manipulated. Coaching questions: What grade would you give yourself on your influence skills? What can you do to improve? Let us know what you think.

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