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Friday, February 21, 2020

Management Principle: Other’s Perceptions

Other’s Perceptions. Good communication skills are essential to maintain resonance in relationships. Therefore, it is important to realize that we are responsible for managing other’s perceptions of us. Taken to an extreme, this could be harmful and even manipulative, but utilizing self-awareness and empathy is crucial when others are left to judge. It is unfortunate but true that people will judge others by their actions and themselves by their intentions. So what does managing perceptions look like? It means that in those circumstances when there is a gap in understanding, we must take deliberate steps to communicate clearly, whether by word or by deed. People can handle you letting the elevator doors close when they walk up, if you inform them later that your spouse was in a car accident. Their anger will convert to compassion with this type of follow-up. If, on the other hand, you are always late for meetings, managing perceptions means changing your behavior and showing up consistently on time. Excuses will only cause others to judge you more harshly. Coaching questions: Where might you need to manage perceptions? How will you bridge the gap? Write your answers in your journal.

3 Responses to “Management Principle: Other’s Perceptions”

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  2. Eric Brinson says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I learned this lesson several years ago from a mentor. I can personally attest to the positive results that followed my integration of this into my life. By readjusting my priorities, I sought to improve my perception in the eyes of my leadership and colleagues. In doing so, not only was I seen as a more vital part of the team, but I noticed that my sphere of influence grew as well.

    This principle is a close relative to the lesson on anticipatory followership. Imagine the results from combining the two principles into one personal management strategy! When your leadership and colleagues truly have the perception that you are looking one step ahead of them and anticipating what you will need to do to help them accomplish their goals, you will be indispensible!

    Thank you for continuing to challenge me weekly, Dean.

  3. Dean Harbry says:

    Hi Eric,

    You and I share a similar experience—we’ve both had mentors who emphasized the need to acquire these types of insights and learning to improve our performance and truly influence those around us. I loved your testimony of having more influence as a consequence of managing perceptions and being an anticipatory follower. This language is not common in today’s culture but these principles truly hold efficacy for organizational and personal success. Thanks so much for your comments. So refreshing…


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