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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Dean Harbry, PCC

Dean is a Professional Certified Coach, credentialed through the International Coach Federation. He brings a long history of visionary leadership and managerial leadership coaching with individuals from banking, finance, technology, manufacturing, media and sales. As a trusted advisor, he partners with executives to leverage human resources.

Dean’s coaching focus is to help organizational leaders develop and hone their influence skills, paying particular attention to overseeing authorities (like boards and bosses), as well as peer relationships, vendors and direct reports. True leadership influence addresses all of these relational contexts.

Corporate Experience Summary

Mergers & Acquisitions – in banking environment, oversight for all FTE and complement management in multi-bank acquisitions, linked to corporate budget and human resource planning
Information Technology – created national IT infrastructure from scratch in financial services environment, with strong team development
Operational Management – President and COO with oversight responsibilities for IT, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Program Development
Consulting – State government, educational institutions, financial professional firms, law firms, auto industry, medical research, nonprofit institutions, boards of directors, corporate leadership training
Medical Research – statistical reporting, developing and managing medical research databases


  • Mission: to create clarity in next steps, promoting forward movement
  • Premise: a “shift” is the basic unit of human change
  • BA in Organizational Management; completing MA/PhD in “Professional Coaching
    and Human Development” at International University of Professional Studies
  • Avid runner, completing over 20 marathons to date
  • Passion for corporate climate and culture development


“Dean Harbry is a skilled executive coach and an organizational professional. I’ve witnessed his ability to develop business infrastructure and scale product offerings. He brings great value to the marketplace.“

Greg Adams
IBM Managing Director

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